Will we ever cure cancer

The word Cancer is used as an Umbrella term that over 200 individual diseases will fall under so it is unlikely that there will be one cure that will cover all Cancer. But it is possible that with the advancements in medicine and technology that cures will be found for the individual genetic diseases. Cancer has been around since the dinosaurs and, being caused by haywire genes, the risk is hardwired into all of us. The longer we live, the more likely something might go wrong, in any number of ways. So if the disease has been around for millions of years, Will we ever find a cure cancer? Cancer is a very complex genetic disease, more so than we had ever thought 50 years ago so it is hard to say exactly.

There are lots of different kinds of cancer in different tissues that act in different ways. They’re not all caused by the same mutations and they’re not all going to respond to the same type of treatment. People are diverse, and cancers are too. Two types of cancer might occur in the same organ, but they might not behave or react to treatment in the same way. And genetic makeup can further complicate detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Cancer is a living thing – ever-evolving to survive.

Despite all of the challenges that cancer presents, researchers are making progress in the prevention, detection, treatment, and survivorship of the disease. New fields and major discoveries in cancer tend to grab a lot of attention. But its the incremental advances happen all the time that make things a little better. For every several incremental advances together, there can be a breakthrough and a major shift in cancer care.

We have learnt that up to half of all cancers – 3.7m a year – are preventable by living a healthier life. This means to quit smoking, drink and eat moderately, stay active, and avoid prolonged exposure to the midday sun.

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